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Vincent Otero, Animal Control Officer


Traps are Available at the Village Offices for rental for a refundable fee. A check is required at the time of rental. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.
The agreement states that the trap rental is for a period of up to two weeks. The user is responsible for returning the trap and will pay for any damages to the trap or replacement as necessary. Trap Prices are as follows:

Squirrel $50.00
Skunk $110.00
Cat $75.00
Large Dog $150.00
Medium Dog $50.00

Please call 505-869-2358 to have Animal Control pick up your trapped animal.


Please be reminded:

Section 8-2-1 VACCINATION OF DOGS AND CATS REQUIRED - CERTIFICATES AND TAGS.  Any person who owns or keeps a dog or cat over the age of three (3) months in the Village, as prescribed by state law shall have the dog or cat vaccinated for rabies as prescribed by regulation of the health and environment department.  All antirabies vaccine shall be administered by or under the supervisions of a licensed veterinarian who shall issue a serially numbered certificate tag for each such administration.

Section 8-2-10 CARE AND MAINTENANCE.  It is unlawful for any owner or keeper to fail to provide animals) with proper food, drink, shelter or otherwise treat the animal in a cruel or inhumane manner.  Any dog(s) outside of the premises of its owner or keepers property boundaries is requited to under the control and care of the owner at all times.

Section 8-2-15 NUISANCE.  It is unlawful for an owner or keeper to allow any animals to persistently bark, howl or make noise or to be kept or maintained in such numbers as to disturb by noxious or offensive odors or be kept in runs or kennels which are not maintained as to disturb by noxious or offensive odors, to otherwise endanger the health and welfare of the inhabitants of the Village.  All complaints filed pursuant to this Section shall be filed in writing with the Animal Control Officer or Bosque Farms Village Office and shall include the name and address of the complainant and name and address of person(s) permitting the nuisance to occur and continue.

Section 8-1-6.e. FEES CHARGED BY BOSQUE FARMS.  The Village of Bosque Farms may set and charge a fee separate from any fees and/or allocated by Valencia County as outlined herein.  Any fees established by the Village of Bosque Farms will be paid at the Village Office and must be paid before such release of said animal by Valencia County Animal Control Shelter.  Such animal(s) shall not be released by the Valencia County Animal Control Shelter until a proper release form issued by the Village of Bosque Farms is presented to the Valencia County Animal Control Shelter.

Fees to be charged by the Village are as follows:

For offenses occurring during Village normal business hours:

1.  First Offense - Twenty-five dollars ($25.00) and Fifteen dollar ($15.00) impound fee payable to Village of Bosque Farms, plus any Valencia County impound fee.

2.  Second Offense - One hundred and Twenty-five dollars ($125.00) and Twenty-five dollar ($25.00) impound fee payable to Village of Bosque Farms, plus any Valencia County impound fee.

3.  Third Offense and subsequent offenses - Two hundred Fifty dollars ($250.00) and Thirty-five dollar ($35.00) impound fee payable Village of Bosque Farms, plus any Valencia County impound fee.